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Book chapter on Bacterial Sculpting: customising biofabrication techniques for biomineralisation.


Paper presentation on the Living Manufacture Project at the 5th International Conference on Structures and Architecture

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Developing biomineralised tiles with locally sourced volcanic aggregates for Iceland's first eco-house.

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Article in Rumoer Issue 79 titled Bacterial Builders: microorganisms as designers and fabricators in our built environment.

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Interview on Made by Microbes project (BioTiles) in the Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid.

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Work presented at ACADIA 2020: Distributed Proximities conference and published in conference proceedings.

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Interview in Green Building & Design Magazine on the BioCentric Design Group and BioCatalytic Cell project. 


PhD work on Bacterial Sculpting featured in the first book in the series: Biodesign


Paper presentation on the Living Light project at the 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture and Genetics. 

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Remote talk presented on the Future Wardrobe project at the Global BioSummit, MIT Media Lab.


Article on Earthship Internship published in the national newspaper of Iceland, Morgunblaðið.

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