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bioluminescent bacteria & bio-computation

Future Wardrobe is a bioplastic "living" garment, drawing on the hydrophobic properties of alginate, allowing the garment to host living algae in a continuously circulating liquid chamber. The "future" feature is a biome where the algae can interact with the wearer, through movement, sound, and environment. 

Future Wardrobe is a partnership of artists, designers, and researchers collaborating to propose new perspectives on textile & fashion design, intersecting with materials, tech, and living species and aiming to design a future with plurality and equality of shared nature. Within the scope of the call-3 winning Worth Partnership project, Future Wardrobe is currently developing a ‘living jacket’, using, among others. living algae. As an embodiment of the vast knowledge and deep philosophy of the team behind Future Wardrobe, the jacket acts as a discussion piece to raise awareness for the urgencies and opportunities related to rethinking our relationship with fashion and nature. 


We see the future of our wardrobe as living in symbiosis. Therefore, we work with living algae and approach them not as a resource, but as our client. A non-human client to whom we structure our design methods to accommodate the nurturing of its needs. We apply processes and techniques that are bio-centric. The designs and products we create are embedded with strong statements and are invitations to challenge the status quo. And this regardless of their nature, which could be highly conceptual and speculative as well as immediately applicable.

Living Light was developed during an introductory studio at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) at the Master in Advanced Architecture program in 2015.


Project by: Thora H Arnardottir, Jessica Dias, Noor El-Gewely, Maryann Ewais, Ingried Ramirez & Karthik Dhanabalan

Tutors: Claudia Pasquero & Carmelo Zappulla.
Assistant: Maria Kupstova
Biology Support: Núria Conde Pueyo


(2017Living Light. Exhibited as part of a permanent collection in EXPO2017. Astana, Kazakhstan.

(2017) Arnardottir, T.H. El-Gewely, N. Dias, J. Ewais, M. Ramirez, I. Living Light. At the 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture and Genetics. Biodigital Architecture Master, Barcelona.

(2017) 'Living Light: Biolum.' Talk presented at the Circular Thinking conference, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.

(2016) Living Light. Exhibited at Bio And Beyond in the Edinburgh International Science Festival, UK

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Bio and Beyond
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