Sustainable Chocolatier




             oole is a small town on the south coast of England with
             over 140,000 inhabitants. The High Street is the main
             shopping area for the residents of Poole and its
viability is being threatened by other out of town retail areas
and online shopping. Intervening a space in a urban environment can revitalize a town, making it a more vibrant place to meet people. By enhancing a small area with a shop of curiosity or, the Chocolate House, the hope is to create an exciting space in the High Street can be reality.


Chocolate has always been important throughout history giving people pleasure, whether it was for religious reasons or getting people together. 

The romance in chocolate was a focus  in this project and the making  of an intimate setting where one can observe the chocolate making process and enjoy the goods. 

Tutor: Channa Vithana

The Chocolate Shop is a bean to chocolate lifecycle as the Theobrome Cacao tree is grown, processed and eaten within, thus creating Poole’s first locally and sustainably grown chocolate. As the plot for the building is not big enough to grow all the cacao trees needed for the chocolate making a few other greenhouses have been set up on the Poole High Street to advertise the shop and serve as attractive meeting points.

The Chocolate House
Visual front of the chocolatier covered in living plants.
Public Greenhouses?
Conceptual idea of introducing greenhouses to grow the cacao tree in the town of Poole

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