Tutor: Simon Beeson 


             enga is a 1.000 years old classic Japanese
             poetry.  The project is to design a modest platform
             that should encourage quiet attention for 8-12
people to reflect and share their poetic form. The inside and outside space should interpenetrate in a relaxed way. Using the design from previous studies and finding a way of putting them together to form a Renga platform. Combining previous studies in ground, wall, frame and canopy and making it into a functional structure for the Renga project. 

Beach structure
1:50 model of the proposal for this poetry platform was made of three elements, wood, metal and rope, weaved through the metal structure.

"A Renga is composed from words and shared experiences. It involves writing, listening, sitting and looking. Renga proposes itself as a shared writing, a quiet performance, and an extended conversation in poetic form."

(Finley, A. Lucas, M. n.d.)


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