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Arnardottir, T.H. (2014). Are Earthships the Future?. Iceland's National Newspaper. 2014. pp.50 -51




2020    BioLum: Wearable Living Light. Exhibited at Making FASHION Sense. House of Electronic Arts Basel, 
             Switzerland. (January 15th- 8th of March).

2019    Catalytic Cell & Bacteria Sculpting. Exhibited at Global Community Biosummit. MIT Media Lab, Boston,              USA. (October 11-13).

2019    Yggdrasil. Exhibited at the Biodesign: Here Now. London Design Festival 2019. 
             OpenCell, London. (September 19-22).

2019    BioVer: Animated Adornment. Exhibited at the Reshape Exhibition: Sensing Materialities at Disseny                   Hub Barcelona, Spain. (March-April) 


2018    BioVer: Animated Adornment. Exhibited at the IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions for
             RESHAPE18: Sensing Materialities wearables competition. Reshape Forum at FIRA, Barcelona, 
             Spain. 3rd Place.


2017    BioCatalytic Cell. Exhibited in the 2nd edition of the ‘Responsive Cities Symposium Active Public
             Space’ in Barcelona, Spain.


2017    Microbial Scaffolding & BioCatalytic Cell. Living in Future Cities – IAAC Exhibition. MUHBA Oliva

             Artés, Barcelona, Spain.

2017    LiveCycles. exhibited at bioTallinn. 4th Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017. Tallinn, Estonia.

             (13th September - 27th October). Curated by Claudia Pasquero.

2017    BioCatalytic Cell : Biophotovoltaic (BPV) Algae Sensor. Exhibited at the London Zoo, London, UK.


2017    Living Light & BioCatalytic Cell. Exhibited as part of a permanent collection in EXPO2017.

             Astana, Kazakhstan.


2016    BIO[lum] SKIN. Work exhibited at the 3rd edition of Digital Fashion & Wearables in FAB12
             symposium, Shenzhen, China.


2016   Living Light. Exhibited at Bio And Beyond in the Edinburgh International Science Festival, UK


2014   MAP (Music Poole Architecture). BA Architecture Student Exhibition in The Gallery, Poole, UK.    
            Curated by Channa Vithana.



Conferences & Talks


Stefanove, A. Arnardottir, T.H. Ozkan, D. Lee, L. (2019) Approach to Biologically Made Materials and Advanced Fabrication Practices. Paper presentation at International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Architectural Design (ICETAD2019). Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.


Arnardottir. T.H. (2019). Bacterial Choreography: Designing interactions through biological induced mineralization. Poster presentation at BIOMIN XV 15th International Symposium on Biomineralization. Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany.  - Awarded Best Poster.


Arnardottir. T.H. (2019). Bacterial Sculpting: Process-oriented approach to biologically induced materials and advanced fabrication practices. Poster presentation at the Designer Biology Symposium. School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University. 

Arnardottir. T.H. (2019). Hönnun með Lifandi auðlindum (Designing with Living resources)Talk presented for the 46. landssambandsþing Soroptimistasamband Íslands (Soroptimist 46th National Congress) at the Hilton Nordica Hotel, Iceland. 

Sollazzo, A., Verde, M., Zomparelli, A., Arnardottir, T.H., Borchers, J. (2019). 'Design through Living Material.'  Design recitation on methodologies and operative design strategies. Remote talk presented at for the FabAcademy run by Niel Gershenfeld (MIT).


Arnardottir, T.H. (2018). 'Biomineralisation as material for designers.'  Lecture presented remotely for the Master in Design for Emergent Futures: Biology Zero at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain.


Arnardottir, T.H. (2017). 'From Macro to Micro.' Talk presented at the Arts University Bournemouth, UK.

Arnardottir, T.H. El-Gewely, N. Dias, J. Ewais, M. Ramirez, I. (2017) Living Light. In the 3rd International Conference of Biodigital Architecture and Genetics. Biodigital Architecture Master, Barcelona.

Arnardottir, T.H. (2017). 'Living Light : Biolum.' Talk presented at the Circular Thinking conference, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany.




Grants & Awards


2020   Worth Partnership Project Grant from the European Commission to develop the Future Wardrobe                      project on behalf of BioBabes (Formalised Curiosities Ltd.) in collaboration with Lara Campos and                    Catherine Euale.

2019   A receiver of the Macromolecular Bioscience Best Poster Award at BIOMIN XV 15th International 
            Symposium on Biomineralization, Munich, Germany.


2018   Ph.D Scholarship at Newcastle University for the EPSRC funded project: “Thinking Soils


2017   A receiver of the  Íslandsbanki Scholarship Grant for postgraduates.


2016   A receiver of the Soroptimist Scholarship from Soroptimist Europe.


2016   Particles Beyond Buildings Award winner for the project Department of Molecular Architecture from                the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia


2014   President’s Bronze Medals Student Award nominee of the Royal Institute of British Architects for the                project Yggdrasil.


2014   Winner of the Terence and Annette O'Rourke Undergraduate Architecture Prize.




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