Developing Eco Ecologies for



MAP at TheGallery, Arts University Bournemouth  

Tutor: Channa Vithana


             oole in a 100 years time could well become a self-
             reliant city, creating a healthy environment for its

             citizens to live in. This self-reliant city supplies
sustainable source for power, food, water, and heating to provide a comfortable way of living. By creating buildings that gives people in the city a connection to their food source is important. The new high-rise buildings act like trees, cleaning the air from within, with exchanges of hot air to and from the greenhouses. The people living in those houses are responsible for taking care of the vegetation.


The sustainable food production of Poole, inspired by the fishing aspect of the design of Harmony, rebuilds and regenerates the town of Poole. The town has all the potential to evolve into a self-reliant eco ecology, human oriented city of the future, creating an environment for the community. The new high risers integrate fish farming as well as hydroponic growing mixed with the aquaponics technology. New technologies give people the opportunity to live a healthier life and cities of the future must benefit from these technological advances and use them as a new design language. Creating sustainable ecologies for the future.

Conceptual massing models
Future development
Speculations for future developments

Photosynthetic MicroLab :

Algae Kitchen

Yggdrasil The Hybrid Vessel

Professional Experience - Part 1