Tutor: Simon Beeson & Rebecca Granger
            his project is about self-sufficiency and sustainable
            living. With a focus on the aquaponic system. The
            project aims to promote urban farming and sustainable design inspired by the culture in Taos, New Mexico. 

The installation brings attention to the importance of self-sufficiency by  indoor food growing. 

It combines the ecological thinking of the 1960’s counterculture and problems faced with eco aesthetics.

Our sense tell us that the economical way to feed ourselves is by growing our own food, which in itself is great preventive medicine for our health. Each year Londoners consume about 2.4 million tonnes of food that is mostly bought and transported across the world from supermarkets. However with the growing awareness of the benefits of locally sourced food the interest has increased


Using the aquaponics as an installation it provokes important discussion around small-scale closed-loop, food growing solutions. Introducing these systems into dense cities, such as London, we reduce food miles, provide visual amenities, support public health and encourage further education of sustainable urban developments.



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