Arts By The Sea Festival 2014


As part of the Arts By The Sea Festival in Bournemouth, myself and Brightspace were part of collaboration with the RIBA, the AUB and a few local architectural practices to set up The Great Boat Race in Bournemouth's Lower Gardens.

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Experiential Phenomena


A stop motion film to highlight Poole's character.

A research collaboration project for 3rd year architecture to capture the essance of Poole displayed in this short film.

Butterfly Habitat


A live project to design a Butterfly Habitat on a site located by the Dorset coastline. Concept images that takes the visitor into the butterflies world.



Cross-course collaboration with BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Graduate Rohan Hande. Photography for MAP exhibition of 2nd year architecture models.



A collaborative project from Arts University Bournemouth students. - Fashion, Architecture and Textiles.


FAT is a collaborative project based within the site of the marina/quayside district of Poole. AUB students from Fashion, Architecture and Textiles [FAT] collaboratively work to craft, discover, understand and present their work as a group. FAT is an intensively short one-week study about collaboration that genuinely happens at AUB and as a result students learn some of the methods of working with people from different disciplines that will occur in their future professional careers, and also create new friendships.



Cross-course collaboration with BA (Hons) Commercial Photography Graduate Harry Clarke. Photogrophy of writers retreat conceptual book model. 



Collaboration project for the Arts University Bournemouth between the architectural department and fine art. A game that guides the players through the woods of Holton Lee with clues shown one each rotating card.