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Today, advanced technologies and design solutions are allowing us to use biomimicry not only to provide humans with an empowering yet all-consuming Promethean flame, but to foster a new, responsible ‘return to nature’, inspiring practices of construction and of energy harnessing that are compatible with the limitedness of natural resources and have a gentler impact on the environment. The possibility of this renewed relation to nature entails a change of rhythm, from the careless hyperspeed of capital-driven production to a slower pace, that tends to synchronise human activities with natural cycles, a new tempo allowing for reflection and the production of relations of care.

The scale of the plasmodium of the creature trains to respect the invisible that surrounds its wearer and, assuming the function of a magnifier, the petri dish does not work as an enhancement of the eye, but as a means to develop symbiotic relations, to foster practices of interaction and therefore of care.


With Bio-Ver, we are proposing a new meaning for functionality in the age of the Anthropocene: what is functional is not what serves an immediate purpose, but what changes a perspective, shaping a relation of care: it is not immediately practical, but immediately attractive and therefore practical. With its glass, and the life it contains, Bio-Ver does not aim to alter the spectrum of human sight, but human perspective, that we believe is more important.

3rd Place in the Wearables section of RESHAPE18 


Project by: Thora H Arnardottir & Jessica Dias (concept, experimentation, delivery), Nikos Argyros (computation, fabrication)

Glass artist: Agustina Ros 
Collaborators:  Pierluca D'Amato (theoretical framework), Sandro  Arabyan (photography), Lili Tayefi (model)
Special thanks to: Theresa Schubert


(2019) Exhibited at the Reshape Exhibition: Sensing Materialities at Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain. (March-April) 


(2018) Exhibited at the IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions for RESHAPE18: Sensing Materialities wearables competition. Reshape Forum at FIRA, Barcelona, Spain. 3rd Place.

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