Project by:
Students: Inthat Ueasak-Aree, Thora H Arnardottir, Sameera Chukkapalli, Jakub Havlik
Tutor: Mark Burry 
Assistant: Rodrigo Aguirre


The three columns in the making

            his workshop looked at two challenges: the
            description and representation of columns and the
            creation of a potentially underlying geometrical guide, and how we branch columns and join them to the trunk.
Learning from Antoni Gaudi's design for the Sagrada Familia (1882 - ongoing), and his equilibrated structure where the gravity forces are calculated to direct axially through the column. Each column is therefore aligned to meet these forces as efficiently as possible through their axes. As a calculated optimised solution, every column is positioned slanted rather than vertical, which is atypical compared with what we are used to seeing in the majority of buildings.


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Profile Animation

Video of the bifurcation


Mkaing of the last column in a span of 3 hours

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IAAC, Bifurcation.

Bifurcation - Branching is a workshop at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA02 in 2016 


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