Series of internal and external renders of a proposed residential housing in Alberta, Canada. Created for MT-Arch.


Renders for a residential project in Iceland. Internal and exterior images. Created for Tvihorf.


Design and renders of a prefabricated timber house for a TV commercial and merchandise for a construction firm in Iceland.

Series of external renders of an existing and proposed residential project in Reykjavik, Iceland. Created for Tvihorf.


Render of a conference booth at La Fira Barcelona. Created for Tvihorf.

Residential project, located in the south coast of UK. The proposal was to demolish the existing bungalow and detached double garage and construct three detached houses. 

Redevelopment of an existing residential plot in the UK. The proposal was to develop three new detached houses, replacing the existing former bungalow and its associated cottage building.


Proposed refurbishment of an existing visitor centre to a new restaurant, located in the centre of Bournemouth, UK. 



Competition for a school to adapt to the climatic conditions of Khovd, Mongolia, the building can be adapted to suit the changing weather and climate, both daily and seasonally. The philosophy behind the school design is the use of adaptive passive solar architecture.  

Large scale residential development in the town centre of Bournemouth, UK


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