Thora H Arnardottir is a PhD researcher and an experimental bio-designer with a background in architecture. She has a passion for pursuing analogy with nature through her work, not merely taking inspiration from our ecology but, speculating in regards to our changing relationship with it through engineered biological systems and new material processes. Her work addresses the possibilities of integrating biological systems in the built environment and focuses on more-than-human design and cross-species interaction. With expertise in biomineralization (MICP), her research aims at combining biotic agency with design concepts and innovative crafting techniques. 

Her work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, House of Electronic Arts Basel, London Design Festival, MIT Media Lab, at the London Zoo, EXPO2017 and BIOTallinn. She is also a founder of the Biobabes collective, an experimental design and research collective.


Thora holds a masters degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC) in Spain, and a bachelor’s degree from the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), UK. Currently, Thora is a Research Associate at the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment working on a Microbial 3D Printer as well as finishing her Ph.D. write-up at Newcastle University in the school of architecture, planning, and landscape, where she is also a design-led researcher working on the Thinking Soils project, an EPSRC funded project that is exploring the design potentials of living materials which respond to physical forces in their environment.